Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing “Moving Your Feet To The Salsa Beat”

Salsa dancing has swept the world by storm for decades. Salsa’s infectious and uplifting beats have made this dance popular. The music coupled with the dancing itself have made it a recipe for many good times and wonderful experiences. salsa dancing , once learnt salsa is a skill that you have to call upon for a life time. It’s a bit like learning to play the guitar . I have  been privileged not only to learn to salsa myself but also teach salsa to thousands of students since 2001. I have below a video that takes you through some salsa steps and gives you some tips so that you can be confident to take up , improve your salsa dancing .


Salsa Dancing Video

Salsa is danced on 8 beats. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. You may have noticed that I’ve actually left out the 4th and 8th beat. That is because they are pauses. This will make a lot more sense to you as you continue to learn the basic steps.
Salsa is danced as Leaders and Followers. The leader begins with their left foot and the follower begins with the right foot.
Okay, to teach the basic steps, we will dance them separately as the leader and the follower.

If you are looking for a great song to practice your salsa dancing check out my earlier post by clicking  here

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