Salsa Online 8 tips To Learn Salsa Online

So want to learn salsa online ? Well great because now a days there are a lot of  online resources you can tap into to learn salsa.   All you need to do is search YouTube to find some cool videos on salsa dancing where you can both learn and be inspired. When I first started learning I didn’t have the privilege of having access  YouTube. (no I am not that old if you are wondering I’m only 43 years young) .Apart from going my salsa dance classes and dancing salsa at least 3 nights a week. I would learn from learn to salsa videos that I had purchased from salsa dance teachers from around the world . Any way I promised you some salsa dance tips on how to learn salsa online which worked for me in the early days and until this day I have preached the same to all of my salsa students.

Here are my 8 tips on learning salsa online:

  •  Search for  online salsa videos and information  for your  level and type of salsa style of dance. (i.e. Cuban salsa, LA Style salsa , On2 New York Style etc..) for example if you are beginner search for beginner salsa lessons online . if you are intermediate , search  intermediate salsa dance moves – you get what I m trying to say ,don’t you.
  • Make sure you can find videos online that are structured in a way that will follow a sequence to help you progress with your dancing . What I  mean by this is that each salsa video online will lead you to the next step or salsa move . for example a video series  that shows a progression  of moves for your level  and is easy or you as the student to follow and understand.
  • In our classes we have always taught moves that can be lead . One thing to keep in mind is when looking at salsa videos online or on DVD’s  is that some videos may contain salsa moves that are choreographed  and more than likely not leadable on the dance floor.
  • Search Salsa forums  and interact online with other dancers . Search “salsa forums” in Google
  • Be dedicated to practicing by yourself , with a partner or a group on like minded salsa dancers. Form practice groups if you can and help each other out.
  •  Go out dancing ! That’s write get out on the social dance floor. I have a saying everyone has the right to be a beginner  so go out and  give it ago.
  • Timing is important so that you execute your moves  to the salsa music so make sure you count along to keep time. Remember 123 pause 567 pause ( if you are dancing on one). When teaching my classes it was those students who counted along that progressed quickly
  • Practice, Practice,Practice

Above I have listed some tips to help you learn salsa online. Below are some resources to help you.

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