Salsa Songs For Beginners | Here’s One I Recommend

Salsa Songs For Beginners?

One of the frequently asked questions I get when teaching a beginners class is… which salsa songs are great from beginners. Whilst there are many great salsa songs for beginners out there ,there is one I always recommend and that is Acid by Ray Barreto. The reason I like this song for beginners is that :

  1. It’s an instrumental
  2. You really get to hear the instruments that make up this song and also salsa music in general.
  3. It’s great to dance to for a beginner salsa dancer as is it’s not fast and is really great at encouraging
    you to keep in time to the beat .
  4. It’s one of the most played salsa songs in salsa classes around the world.

I thought I’d put the video below for you.  Acid is  the salsa song for beginners.



If you can get your hands on a copy of the song I certainly encourage it.

That’s it for now and until next time keep dancing and enjoying your salsa.

Warm Regards,




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